08 July 2014

ethan, currently.






since this blog is the closest i have to a baby book for ethan (and a pretty lame one at that), i wanted to write a few other things that he's doing currently. for posterity.

:: pointing and clapping and sometimes waving. i try to label whatever he's pointing at, but honestly i have no idea most of the time. he also has a new thing where he holds his arm out with his hand palm up, like vanna white or something. he's the great presenter.

:: talking all the time. or at least, making noises that slightly resemble talking. he sort of has dada and mama down, though he doesn't always say them to us. he's also said a few things that sound strikingly like freddie.

:: he stands on his own more and more. usually he pulls himself up on something and lets go, but more often now he's started actually standing up on his own. at night he doesn't always want to go to bed (crazy, huh?!) and in the process of crawling around his room, he almost always tips his laundry bin over and dumps everything out. after he's used it as a drum for a while, he wraps his arms around it, squats down, and stands up holding it. it's pretty impressive.

:: he loves looking at babies. we showed him the birth announcement for my cousin's baby and he thought it was the most hilarious thing in the world. we have it hanging on our fridge and he looks at it all the time. actually- he may also know her name too.

:: he has figured out how to go down the stairs (not face first), which is pretty great.

:: climbing. into and onto whatever he can (his wagon, the coffee table, a picnic basket, the piano etc.)

:: figuring stuff out. it's amazing how much joy it brings me to watch him learn and figure stuff out on his own. like how to use his sippy cup on his own. or how to put a peg in a hole or stack some rings on a post or use a shape sorter toy.

:: picking favorite toys that he becomes glued to for a day or two (wooden spoon, sand toys)

:: he is definitely a snuggler. which makes me quite happy. and he loves eskimo kisses (is there a more politically correct name for these?). he also has the best  giggle known to man. i sincerely hope his laugh never ever changes.

:: just generally being super fun. sure, he is challenging sometimes and it get super exhausting running after him all the time since he pretty much never sits still, but seriously. he is pretty damn awesome. most of the time i look at him and just smile. because he is the best.

that's the ethan report for the moment. carry on.

despite this being a current report (that i originally wrote two weeks ago and now had to update today, like you do), these photos are from a couple of months ago. can't win 'em all, right?


  1. his laugh will change a bit, but it will still be the best laugh in the world. xoxo.

  2. all good things. so lovely to hear, j.
    (i may have submitted this twice :)