09 December 2014

hello december

6 december

8 december

how did this happen so quickly? i'm sure you are all wondering quite the same things, so i will skip over the small talk about time flying, etc.

i have a lot to share, and even a few unpublished posts all written and ready to go, save for that darn photo uploading and editing task. sheesh. but what i wanted to pop in and mention (if there is, in fact, anyone even reading anymore, is there?) that i'll be over at habit this month, for their very final month of that space. i'll be joining many other wonderful women who have contributed over the past six years of habit and, as always, i am honored and humbled to do so. i have been so inspired by the space that emily, molly, and tara have created there and i will miss it dearly. please join us over there this month for this last hurrah.