21 January 2015

easing into the year.




on new year's eve at about 10pm when jared and i were laying in bed about to fall asleep, i half-jokingly asked him what his resolutions were. he's not a resolutions kind of guy. i am though, so here are mine.

:: declutter and organize our house. i am on a big kick for getting this done this year. we are not the neatest of people, so my expectations remain realistic. but i know we have loads of stuff in our house that we do not need and do not use. it's time to clear some of it out. my plan is to spend at least part of one evening every week working on this. so far, i have mostly cleaned out my nighttable drawer and some of my closet. i get overwhelmed by big clean outs, so i'll just be doing a little bit here and there. my office, studio, kitchen, and the rest of my clothes are also on the chopping block. the basement is off limits until the rest of the house is done.

::  read at least one book. i recently realized that the only books i've read in the last two years have been on the topics of pregnancy, childbirth, or parenting. must change that now. accepting any and all recommendations.

:: sew more clothes for ethan. i've already started on this goal with a pair of quick change trousers from handmade beginnings (pictured above). i'm thinking a few more pairs of those will be in the works for the spring and likely some overalls. he remains awash in handknit sweaters from me and my mom.

:: make two quilts. one is already in progress and i have begun thinking about another one. i may have a problem, but it's a very good one to have.

:: use what we have/ meal plan. this is related to the decluttering goal. our pantry is full. there are jars and jars of dried ingredients that get pushed to the back of the shelf and it is high time to use up some of those ingredients. i'm hoping this will inject some variety into our meals. i have a love/hate relationship with meal planning. i have come to realize that we just will never be strict meal planners, and whenever we try to do that it only lasts a few weeks before we give up. there must be a middle ground...

:: practice yoga regularly. back in the fall when ethan started sleeping a little better (before he stopped that, but is now back on track, knock on wood), i started to practice yoga for about 15 minutes every morning. i was able to get up a little bit earlier since i wasn't so dead tired from the night but this has gone downhill again. on monday i was able to practice for a full hour and it was absolute bliss.

:: reopen the shop and keep it stocked. i have loads of ideas for new products and while i recognize that i have a limited capacity to work on my shop, i'm still hoping to carve out a little bit of time each month to work on new products and keep everything stocked well.

:: blog more regularly and take more non-phone photos. i know i won't be a multiple posts per week blogger like i was way back when, but the unpublished/unwritten posts thing is ridiculous. i have thoughts and projects and photos that i want to share and i'd like to get better about doing that.

so there you have it. i suppose that's enough to keep me busy, no? most of the way through january and i'm finally sharing this list. do you have any goals or resolutions or hopes and dreams for this year? i know much of the fresh new year feeling has worn off for lots of folks by this now, but i'm still riding it high and i hope you are too.

back soon. xo

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  1. a good list! if you are serious about the decluttering, you might want to look at the book "the magic art of tidying up". i am about halfway in and her approach is interesting and definitely different than any other i have tried. and meal planning - we are the same. i find that if i plan out about 3 meals at a time instead of on a weekly basis, i do much better at it!