13 January 2016

eight and a half weeks

it's been eight and a half weeks since we welcomed cora into our family. as to be expected, there have been many up days and many down days. she is an absolute delight and i am so over the moon that we get to have her in our family. but seriously, this two kid thing is no joke. after the holidays, a few people said to me "it must be nice to get back to your routine." ahem, routine? hahahaha. oh well, we are kind of, sort of settling into something may or may not resemble a routine. i am trying, always always, to find a balance between being present in as many moments of our days as i possibly can and savoring this precious time with ethan and cora, while also taking care of myself and finding time to do some of the things that make me happy and fill me up as a person, not just a mama. i know, lofty goals, huh?

well, in the spirit of that, here are a few of my intentions for this year. i say intentions, not resolutions, because while i do intend to work on these things, i don't want to feel like a failure if, inevitably, some of them slip away through the course of the year. i'm sharing them here mostly so that i can be reminded of them later in the year when that happens.

:: take care of myself. this includes resuming my home yoga practice, doing a better job of eating well and not mindlessly grabbing handfuls of chocolate chips every other time i walk through the kitchen (which is all the time), making a strong effort to get out and walk even on cold days, making the time to shower more often (sorry, but you know it's true), and try try try to get enough sleep.

:: get our household under control. i know "decluttering" is some kind of new religion. and i know it was my resolution last year. but this time it's for real. jared and i are totally on the same page about getting our house under control and we've already made a lot of progress, even though it may not seem noticeable. we are working hard to get rid of stuff we don't need, maintain areas of the house that we've already cleaned and organized, and deal with stuff as soon as it comes in the door. this also includes boring adult stuff like managing finances better.

:: be more present and intentional with my time. stop wasting time mindlessly scrolling through facebook and instagram on my phone when i could be getting something else more valuable done.

:: write more. i'm setting myself a loose goal of writing something at least once a week. this may be a post here, in my journal, or another piece. i currently do a lot of writing for work, but i'd like to work on more personal writing, and maybe even try to get a piece published somewhere? who knows, but it's something i really enjoy and need to carve out the time to do it (see goal #1).

i have lots of other more specific projects i'd like to work on or get done this year as well, but for now i'm sticking to these overall intentions. what are your intentions/resolutions/goals for this year? i'd love to hear.

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  1. your intentions could have been ripped out of my journal.
    take care love.