02 February 2016

days in the life

so i didn't do very well with my attempt at shooting one roll of film each month last year (even though i do have a whole roll from way back in my former life of august and september that i never got around to posting here...) but i am still making an effort to shoot more film because oh lord. when i look at these, i wonder why i even bother taking digital photos at all. of course, i know why i do, but still. these photos make my heart swell. even the ones of my messy kitchen counters and dusty staircases (i'll share those next time; there were too many good ones from this roll to share in one post).

film forever. and ever and ever. amen.


(shot on an olymus om-2s and processed and scanned by old school photo lab. i forget what the film was, fuji i think)

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