15 May 2007

The Album

Now that Mother's Day is over (and was quite wonderful for us here), I can show you the beautiful album that Ryan over at littleputbooks custom made for my mom. It's so beautiful and my mom just loved it.

Of course it was filled with photos of our whole family. It was actually hard to part with! But with all of us scattered across the country (New York, Minneapolis, California) it's nice for her to have that.

We had a great weekend filled with eating LOTS of good food, a farmer's market, an awesome Mother's Day lunch (if I do say so myself), and some great weather. (Jared and I even snuck in a quick yard sale early Saturday morning, hehe. Like I said, I have a problem).

Lots of works in progress right now- getting ready for Johnstock this weekend. We're in a bit of a sewing frenzy over here. Photos coming soon!

PS. A huge thanks to Felicia for including me in her treasury of people who read her blog regularly. All of the aprons that I had in the shop sold out immediately! It's great to have blog friends!!

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  1. Yes, it was a great Mother's Day and I did love my gift. Every mother should be as lucky as I am. Great company, food and gift for a lovely Mother's Day and our first trip to Minneapolis! Love mom