16 May 2007

The Maiden Voyage

After much procrastination, and nerve-wracking, I finally planted the bulk of my garden yesterday afternoon.

I wasn't going to do it yesterday, what with all the sewing I have to do for this weekend, but the weather was just so beautiful that I had to take a couple of hours outside.

I must admit that I'm a little nervous about how this will all go, being my first foray into gardening outside the house (my previous apartment was referred to by some as the botanical gardens).

But I'm trying to maintain not-so-high expectations for it all.

It is after all, the maiden voyage.

1 comment:

  1. It looks great. Don't stress if some of the plants don't make it. Just give it your best shot and don't forget to water. I'm skipping a garden this year since I'm in a new house but I'm hoping to go gang busters next year.