21 May 2007

Taking a Breath


After a long week and weekend of sewing, sewing, sewing, and then selling, selling, selling, I am taking a breath. About a week ago, I had a minor freak out that my inventory was seriously lacking less than seven days before my first summer craft fair. So I spent the week creating my own one-woman sweatshop in the corner of my living room.

This was my view for most of the week (except imagine all that fabric out of the boxes and strewn all over the living room and dining room).

Special thanks to all those who helped out--namely Jared for designing my new business card and generally putting up with my mild insanity, my mom for all the great ideas and "not calling because I knew you'd be sewing", and my day job for lots of personal time!

I spent most of the week on aprons and bags. But somewhere in there I managed to find time to finally make myself an awesome banner (with a new matching logo soon to come).

After lots of aprons and lots of bags, I had a great weekend. The weather was a little less than great (although it's a bit comforting to hear that others around the country had similar experiences), and I had to pack it up early both days, but overall it was a great weekend. I met some wonderful other local crafters, made some trades, and had some good sales.

Look at all those bags!!!

And look at all those aprons!!! (How does one person make all of that in one little week?? I need a nap, let me tell you- this is not the way to run a business.)

I'll be taking a bit of a breather from the sewing machine, with the exception of a very cool special order for my aunt's school play. I'll be updating my etsy shop with some of the new products I've been working on, and hopefully catching up on some knitting (I don't think I've touched this since this post). And, of course, I'll be sleeping. More to come soon...


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  1. Wow, your booth is fabulous! And your merchandise is totally groovy too. How did your market go? I really like your fabric banner. I think you may have inspired me to make one of my own for my weekly booth.