28 June 2007

Finally: one for me

After all the bags I've been making for the purposes of selling (ahem, I still haven't sold one, not sure why. It's like they're cursed) [Afternoon Update: I just sold the first one-ok now I'm really superstitious!] I decided it was finally time to make one for moi. I'm still alternating the product of the second sewing machine project ever- which I still love- and a bag from the Gap that my grandpa got me for my birthday almost three years ago (falling apart and kinda ugly, but I love that he picked it out).

The one I made is a bit small to be an everyday bag (that will come next) but I figured the combination of my coworker's wedding and this:

was the perfect incentive to make something absolutely adorable. Look at all that ribbon!!! I got it from Les Bon Ribbon, which I heard about from Amanda's blog a while back. I haven't even started looking at the non-vintage categories. It's incredible (who knew so much money could be spent on ribbon?).

Anyways, I think it's pretty darn cute. I've really been wanting to use that green paisley for something for myself and I think it worked out well with the blue outside fabric and the beautiful vintage ribbon. And I did put a magnetic snap in there to keep all my goodies intact. Ok, now back to my second consecutive personal day-just because (I love my job!).


  1. I love how the handle matches the interior fabric! Its an awesome bag :) I'm so glad you finally sold one online.

  2. This bag is DAMN cute (I hope I anc cuss online). I'm sooo blowing my next paycheck on these bags, and I know a certain 4 year old who is naked without your giraffe apron. Love your stuff!!!!