12 July 2007

Crafting Again

It's been a little while since I've actually posted about something crafty (other than my garden, which I personally consider pretty crafty). So here's some shots of my latest products.

I must give credit where credit is due- these coasters were definitely inspired by these and these, among others.
This was my first foray into patchwork, batting, and "quilting" (I don't even know if this counts as quilting). And I gotta say, it was great. I'll be at the Midtown Farmers Market in South Minneapolis this Saturday, so I'm saving these four sets for that. There will be more, and they will be up in the shop (which is in dire need of an update) next week.


  1. These are such a great idea! Another lovely, quick project to use up all those little bits of nice fabric. :)

  2. They turned out pretty awesome. I like the fabrics that you picked out. Hopefully they will sell well! Best of luck at your market this weekend.

  3. *ha!* love them - and according to my mom (megaquilter), sandwiching fabric around batting and threading it together is indeed quilting. yay you!

  4. Those are wonderful! I love the fabric choices, too.