09 July 2007

Small Town Thrifting

I am not a small town girl, but I gotta say I had a great weekend hanging out in one. (I'm going to get in trouble for referring to Litchfield, MN as a small town, but that's okay). We spent the weekend in Litchfield, Jared's hometown, taking part in the annual "Watercade" festival. This involved a 7:30am 4-mile run around the lake (I now remember why I don't like running), BBQ, the parade (and the uproar about the change in the parade route)-which featured marching bands, the Shriners (fat guys in go-karts=awesome!), the Miss Litchfield candidates, and all the "royalty" from the neighboring towns. Oh it was fun.

And of course, how could I pass up some serious garage sailing? Check out the loot:

These seats are from the old "Unique Theater" that was torn down when Jared's parents were kids. They were then put into the Junior High School, but taken out of there recently. They're living in our home studio now.

I'm sure I'll never use this "knitting machine"- but how cool is it? For 50cents, it was worth it. And it reminded me of this budding collection (of which I'm totally jealous).

Because who knows when you'll suddenly need to bake a cake and carry it somewhere? These are things one must be prepared for!

As if I needed a book to tell me not to throw anything away! I'm seriously loving this 1973 Charlie Brown dictionary (although it's not exactly "politically correct"!)


  1. Hey! I had that exact Charley Brown book! That exact one! I am so loving your newly found treasures :)

  2. I love that cake plate and cover! What a find. Between that and the theater chairs, that cute knitting machine, wow you really scored :)