25 September 2007

NYC, part 4: there and back

To wrap this whole report up... Just before we left to go to New York, I decided (and who wouldn't) that I needed a new bag to take with me. Right. Seeing as our flight wasn't leaving until the evening, I put off this project until the very last minute, finishing it about an hour before we left the house.

It was perfect though. Simple, functional, and of course with my new favorite fabric.

I also decided that I needed an embroidery project for the plane ride. I usually knit on planes, but I haven't been knitting too much lately (Some of you may remember that sweater I was all excited about finishing a while back. You may also have noticed-or not- that I never actually reported back on the finishing of said sweater. That would be because said sweater is still in it's hiding place in a box not too be looked at any time soon. I'm still getting over my desire to burn it. Let's just say, it was a long, frustrating project, that didn't come out beautifully in the end.).

Anyways, while we waited to board the plane, I worked on a drawing, which was then traced onto some fabric. I spent the ride to New York working on this.

And then I spent the ride back working on this.

And lo and behold, upon my arrival, so many of the trees here actually look like that. It's like my embroidery was some kind of wish for fall to really appear. And it has. We had a wonderful trip, but I'm glad to be back in Minneapolis. Ready for cool weather, apples (and all the apple yumminess that will arrive soon), back to knitting, more shop updates, the restart of our netflix subscription (suspended for the summer), and many cozy cozy nights.

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  1. I enjoyed reading all of your NYC posts, even though I didn't comment until today . . . the new bag and fabric look lovely!