28 October 2007

Shop Update

I hope you all had lovely weekends. We definitely did here- super fun party on Friday to celebrate Jared's birthday, brunch with friends on Saturday morning, and then pretty much laying low the rest of the weekend, including baking some delicious bread this afternoon. I got a lot of sewing (and some knitting!) done, too.

Speaking of finishing projects, I have updated the shop with a couple of pouches- zippy and snappy-all featuring some new embroidery designs that I've been working on. There are definitely more of these to come very soon, be sure to check them out. I have a couple of new sets of coasters, and some more knitted children's hats that will be going up later this week. I'll try to get them posted by Thursday, so check back for those as well. Here's some quick peeks...

PS: I FINALLY got around to making a new banner for my etsy shop! Let me know what you think, it's been on my to-do list probably for about six months. This must mean I'm finally overcoming my fear of photoshop- yeah, I'm proud of myself. You may have also noticed that my blog now has three columns. I made this modification with the help of this awesome tutorial, that I found via How About Orange. Oh technology, how we love you!


  1. hi there,
    i was just scanning through etsy and thought id take a wee look at ur blog.

    im loving all ur cute designs, lovely prints and embroidery, yum yum.

    i will putting up my first items on etsy this week, scary! i was gonna wait till i had em up before i said hi, but then i thought id just probably never remember to say hi.

    annnnywayyy, so yea, just wanted to encourage ya in the lovely crafting path.

  2. I noticed your new etsy banner right away. It looks fabulous! So fabulous that I was combing your shop for the pretty tree. Where is it? :)

    All your new pouches are terrific. I adore that little birds and that sweet flower. Hum, is that a fluffy flower?

  3. thanks ladies!

    alli- i checked out your shop, can't wait to see what you post up there! good luck with your first venture on etsy. it can be scary and exciting all at the same time!