15 November 2007

Feeling a little nightgown-ish?

Oh I was excited for this piece. This is the other BBW pattern (Simplicity 4111) that I bought on my trip to New York back in September, and I had kind of been holding off until I found the perfect fabric for it... and I'm thinking that I should keep looking. I'm not sure why I thought that this one would be perfect, but nevertheless, I did. An, as an added bonus, both the fabric and the buttons are thrifted!

The first problem is that it's so thin that it couldn't even keep me warm in the summer, much less winter (which it is now, by the way). But I can deal with this. The second problem is that it's a little see-through, which is pretty easily remedied by this black shirt underneath. But the my real issue with this fabric choice, is that it just feels like a nightgown. The pattern, the feel (plus there is absolutely no give to it either), pretty much everything about this fabric feel like a nightgown or maybe even some sheets.

I'm starting to get over it- I made this last week and have already worn it twice in an attempt to like it-so I think it'll be okay. And I'm definitely planning on trying this out again with some different fabric. So, I think I'll keep it.

PS: Thank you all for your comment love on my 100th post. If you still want to get in on the drawing for the zippy pouch giveaway, leave a comment over there before Monday, when I'll announce the winner.


  1. Wear it to bed? Or with something like a skull & crossbones shirt? Dye it? Just a few ideas. I hear you, it stinks when you sew something and think "why did I do that"...that's part of why the lined skirt is permanently on the in-progress list for me! But I do like the pattern, very much

  2. Hum. Little house on the prairie? If you're not happy with it then definitely don't force yourself to wear it. :)