19 September 2008

evolution of a design

You might have noticed that I rarely discuss my shop here anymore, or really, anything related to selling my crafts. Well, that's because I've taken a major step back from that work. It became a bit overwhelming for me and was starting to not be fun. I still do love making stuff to sell, and I have tons of ideas that I want to try out, but I just needed to take it down a notch. I haven't really done anything to sell since last spring, and in a rare burst of optimism regarding my productivity level, I signed up for two craft fairs this fall. The first is coming up in just a few weeks, and the next is at the beginning of December. These shows are sponsored by the awesome ladies at i like you, and I can't wait. I participated in their first show last December, and it was one of the most fun (and profitable) show I'd ever done, so I'm super excited to do it again.

I'm never quite sure if it's time to retire a design and get something new going, or just keep on doing what I'm doing, especially if it's been successful. I think the key is to do a little bit of both. People want to see something new, but it's important that your style is consistent and your customers recognize your work. That way, someone who's bought something from you in the past and liked it, will still like your new stuff.

I started making these zippy pouches last fall, when I was just learning to embroider. I loved the little patchwork element and the hand stitching. I've continued to make them, but the design has evolved a bit. Instead of patchwork on the front, it's now on the back. It's a little less measured and more unique.

Also, the embroidery designs have evolved. I still can't quite let go of the birdie (I do love that birdie), but even the bird has evolved- it now has legs and wings and a tail (see earlier versions here and here). And I've been working on new designs as well. Obviously, my sewing and embroidery skills have improved, so that certainly helps when it comes to design improvement and feeling more comfortable playing around with different options. I'm really excited about this craft fair, it's giving me the chance to try out some new designs that I've been putting off (let's just say, there will be a little smattering of wearable goods coming up). I also like that I have another show planned after this one, so that certain projects that I know I won't have time for by October 12 can be saved for December.

So now that I'm all revved up about this fair, I just need to get my butt in gear and start sewing. Happy Friday peeps!


  1. Oooh, I like the flower one with the blue stripe A LOT. Will you be listing it in the Etsy shop if it doesn't sell at the show?

  2. these are so nice, julia. the embroidery is beautiful!

  3. The new pouches are beautiful! But I don't blame you for wanting to keep the birdie around -- I LOVE the birdie!

    And I love my birdie zippy pouch. I carry it with me at all times. It's where my thousands upon thousands of lip glosses live.