27 September 2008

for keeping cozy

Fall has definitely arrived here in Minneapolis. I know I was celebrating its arrival at the beginning of the week, but so far it's still felt very summery (it was 85 degrees yesterday!), but today, well, today was a true fall day. Overcast and chilly, breezy and crisp. Just perfect. So I thought I'd show you a new design for fall that I'm super excited about. I mentioned earlier this week that I often have trouble deciding if I should stick with old designs, or bring in new ones. I wanted to share with you all a new design that I've been wanting to make for quite some time now, and have finally put into action.

Inspired by these (okay, that was almost a year ago!) and, more recently, this one, I'd been wanting to make some patchwork scarves. I finally got it together, when I realized that some fabric I had thrifted over the summer would be the perfect backing.

So far I've put together three of these and I'm *hoping* to have a few more done before my craft fair. But for now, I've moved on to a few other projects (some old, and some new). I'm very happy to say that all of the fabrics for this fall collection are coming from my stash. This is definitely a relief to my bank account. And, as my mom likes to remind me, I do have a lot of fabric. It has gotten a bit out of control, so I'm very happy to be using up some of it. To make room for new fabric, of course.

Back to the scarves, though...each one has a unique patchwork pattern and is backed with a thin, very soft, light wool fabric. So they're definitely cozy, but not too warm. Perfect for a fall day, like today.
Also, some of you asked about the zippy pouches and whether they will be available in the shop. My craft fair that I'm preparing for is on October 12, so right now, I'm saving everything for that. Afterwards, whatever is leftover will go in the shop. So hopefully there will be an update the week of October 13. Thanks!


  1. oh how beautiful!

    Looks like you are enjoying fall! I've been taking a step back from blog/computer life to take a closer look at life and to enjoy the changing of seasons, but from time to time I've still got to stop in to see all your beautiful photography.

  2. Those scarves look so wonderfully autumnal! Did you have a pattern/tutorial or did you follow your crafty instincts? I love the fabric you chose!

  3. they are beautiful! truly! You are smart to just jump in and make a bunch at once. When that inspiration hits, it hits hard, right?

  4. jenna- thank you so much! i hope you're enjoying the season as much as i am. maybe i'll see you at handmaidens in a couple of weeks?

    jessica- i did not use a pattern, just pieced together different pieces of fabrics until they were long enough for me (my scarves measured about 60"x 5"). i just played it by ear, you should try it!

    blair- thank you! inspiration definitely hit me- from you! i think i'll be making a couple of more this fall, they're so fun to do. i just love pairing the different fabrics together too.

  5. Lovely scarves! I made one last year...I should find it this week since it's getting cold when I bike to go to work! I also have an "out of control" fabric situation. I decided that october would be fabric scraps month and that I need to use them as much as possible...to get new fabric in november :)

  6. beautiful fabrics. over the past two years i have started quite the scarf collection! xo