14 September 2008

it feels like so long ago already

If you've been paying attention (and don't feel bad if you haven't), you might have noticed that after talking about how much I loved the State Fair last year, I hadn't mentioned anything about it here. Well, fear not my friends, we did go. We left for Oregon right afterwards, and then I was waiting to get the photos developed, and now, well, I figured I'd better write about it before summer is officially over. Anyways, it was amazing. Even though Jared told me last year that he was good for another fifteen years (which was how long it had been since his previous visit to the Fair), he was a good sport and came with me.

We didn't visit any of the animal barns, since we saw those last year, and we wanted to see some of the stuff we missed. We did go to the dairy barn and see the butterheads, which were excellent (though being a vegan, Jared did look a little queasy around all those 90-pound blocks of butter). We also saw the fine arts and the crafts exhibits.

I loved seeing all of the baked goods, and got me thinking about maybe entering something next year. I was surprised to see that they had gluten-free categories, but didn't notice any vegan categories. I think I'll have to investigate that since almost all of my baking is vegan.
As for the food, we had the delicious fresh fries again this year, and I managed some cheese curds too. I was kind of wanting to get something on a stick--which is definitely a trademark of this, if not all, fair--but most of what's on a stick there is meat-based. I heard on the radio that one of the new foods this year was a pickle-juice-popsicle (I like to call it the pickle'sicle), but I didn't find it. I didn't even see anyone eating it, so I think it was a farce. It sounds disgusting, but I think I would have tried it (I do love pickles). I did find a waffle on a stick, but by that point I was pretty stuffed. Oh well, you always have to save something for next year!


  1. seeing rows of bread and rows of honey makes me so happy!

    it was so nice to see you at my blog today julia, thank you for stopping by :)

  2. Yes, but riddle me this, lady:

    If a waffle is on a stick, is it still, by nature, a waffle?

    ...I'm sorry. I had to.