11 October 2008

sneak peek

I promised a little preview of tomorrow's show and next week's shop update, so here we are. These are just two more of the products I've been working on, one of them new, one old. I've already shown you the scarves, and the zippy pouches. I also have a boatload of cards, some in a totally new direction (I just haven't had a chance to photograph those yet), as well as a bunch of other goodies. Whatever doesn't sell tomorrow will be slowly added to the shop, beginning Monday, and I hope to continue to keep the shop stocked through the end of the year.

Up top there are a couple of the new snappy pouches for this fall. I've given or sold some of these to friends since I started making them, and I'm always super psyched to find out that they use them on a daily basis (my friend Jim, who bought one last December, showed me his recently and it's totally black from using it so much! I told him they were machine washable).

I'm really excited about these notebooks, it's an idea I've had brewing for quite a while, since I made some that were similar (though without the cover design) for holiday presents last year. I first stumbled on the concept of sewing notebooks like that over here, and then jumped right on it as part of my holiday gift extravaganza last year. Each book has 20 pages of blank paper inside and they are pretty sturdy. They'd be perfect for that everyday notebook you carry around at all times to jot down all your brilliant ideas.

Anyways, again, if any of you are local, please come by the VFW on Lake St. and Lyndale Avenue tomorrow from 10am-5pm (and don't forget to come downstairs, where I'll be), I'd love to meet you. For you non-locals, I'll begin stocking the shop on Monday. Happy weekend everyone!

ps: my friend Claire just opened her etsy shop today, go check it out!

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