17 December 2009

this should look familiar

Even though I'm giving myself a break from the handmade presents this year, it doesn't mean I haven't been crafting up a storm. Just before the big yellow sweater was completed, I knit up a new hat for Jared. If you've been around these parts for at least a year, this should look familiar. Yes, it's the exact same hat that I knit him last fall. After working to meet his exact requests and making him a hat that he truly loved and wore just about every day, he lost it.

That's right. He. Lost. It.

After making him feel appropriately guilty (which he definitely did, and sad since he spent the rest of the winter with a cold head), I got around to making him a replacement. It's literally the exact same hat I did last year, modifications and all (including the fleece lining). So there's nothing really new to report here about this project, except that it's a super easy knit and looks cute. And this time, I'm thinking of putting a tag inside with his phone number. I don't think that would be overboard, do you?

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  1. Ooooooo! Red fleece lining = awesome!

  2. tell jared the 5 year old has been through 3 hats already this winter....

  3. thats incredible.
    really impressive

  4. oh, the stories i could tell of handknits lost (by me and by others), or felted in the wash, or otherwise destroyed. i could go on and on and on. it's easiest not to grow too attached. they all have their demise one way or another.

    someday i'll write a post about it.

    as for your second version of this hat i totally understand your replicating it exactly. it's a great, classic hat, and heck, when you find a good thing it's worth sticking with it.

  5. ooh, i just love it julia. so nice of you to make another.
    fancy a trade for one for nathan... he has a great one erica made, but i want to get him another so i can rotate and wash.

    also, happy vacation!!!