09 March 2011

finding focus

a few weeks ago, i found myself at the dog park with freddie.  i feel so fortunate that we have this space so close to us where we can let freddie run free and swim (in warmer times), and where we can take a nice, long, quiet walk.  even though it's beautiful in the summer, i especially love going there in the winter.  it's stark, and quieter still than in other seasons (with only the more hardcore dog owners making braving the cold and snow and icy paths to make their appearances). 

despite how much i love going there, and despite how much i love taking photos there, i find myself taking the same photos over and over again.  i find this especially true in the winter, when it is so stark and there's less variety in the landscape.  

so there i was, on a medium cold saturday afternoon, and wanting to finish my roll of film.  i lifted the camera to take a photo of bare tree branches and practically recoiled.  i've taken this shot time and time again.  so i decided to focus. to limit myself.  inspired by shari's water's edge project a few years ago, i made a rule to only take photos of the water's edge. (or ice's edge, in some cases).  i noticed many things that i might otherwise have overlooked, and i found a focus.  sometimes, it's good to just shoot photos willy nilly.  but sometimes, you need a focus to help you see something new and break out of the rut.


  1. oh, yes. i know that feeling so well!!
    and shari will always inspire me, too.

    these are lovely, j.


  2. i couldn't agree more. i am always so amazed to see what shari sees. vermont is so beautiful through her eyes!

    & these are so beautiful, too. so thankful that you felt a bit of focus :)

  3. WELL worth taking the time to refocus.
    that fourth picture? oh my.

  4. Just found your blog via your lovely pantry photo! Love your winter shots here. Wishing you a lovely spring!