08 March 2011

a quilt, and a winner

i'm pretty sure i promised to show off my quilt last week, so here it is!  this is an adaptation of the stacked coins quilt in Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts.  i didn't really follow the instructions that closely mostly because (a) i wanted to make a queen sized quilt, and (b) i wanted to use up a lot of my own fabric scraps, none of which were as wide as the pattern suggests they should be.  (though it was totally worth it, as all of the fabric for the strips was from my stash!)  also, i completely fudged the whole "squaring up" thing to make the coin strips even.  and i added a coin strip to the back.  but it all seems to have worked out.  so far.  

at this point, the quilt is taped to my living room floor and i'm almost done basting it.  and then, the looong hand quilting process begins.  i wasn't sure how to quilt it, but i had a friend over last weekend who suggested overlapping squares, which i think will look really awesome.  it'll accent the coin stacks without taking away from them. 

the most exciting thing about this quilt is that it is for us.  that's right, i won't have to ship it off somewhere when it's complete.  i'll just pull it out of the dryer and head straight to our bedroom.  to say i'm excited about sleeping under this baby is an understatement. 

also, don't think i forgot about my blog birthday giveaway!  thank you all so much for sharing why you stop over here to visit.  i really enjoyed reading your comments and i'm glad to know that you all like the variety of topics and my ramblings :).  so, without further ado....the random number generator revealed #5, shari as the winner!  i'll be sure to come up with something good for you!


  1. The quilt is looking great! Love the color combinations.

  2. oh! how exciting. love your quilt, julia. such great colors.

  3. WOW that quilt is fantastic! Talk about a labor of love. What an amazing gift.