04 March 2011

recent inspiration

recently, i've been discovering (or, re-discovering in some cases) some very inspiring blogs and other places around the internets and i thought i'd share them with you all.  even though i love the blogs i read, sometimes i feel like it's been forever since i've found something new.  so it's like a burst of energy to be finding all these new, or new-to-me, places recently. 
in no particular order, here are a few of my recent favorites:
:: food in jars makes me want to get canning right away (too bad it'll be months before there's anything to can!)
:: the new home economics i was psyched to realize that this awesome blog is written by a nearby neighbor of mine!  always happy to discover like-minded folks who are close-by.  and check out her garden plan, it's so inspiring!
:: wolfie and the sneak  i think i discovered renee on etsy a couple of years ago and definitely remember following her on flickr, but somehow the links got lost in the shuffle.  i'm happy to have rediscovered her blog and am really looking forward to following her gardening/homesteading posts.
:: jenna rose journal i'm not sure now how i found jenna rose, but i'm so glad i did.  i really love her designs and screenprinted fabrics.  i'm hoping she'll start selling fabric by the yard soon (though I really need more fabric like a hole in the head).  jenna rose is also a member of the recently formed beehive craft collective which is totally making me wish i lived in ontario.  so inspiring!
:: denise holmes sketchbook i just love her super sweet illustrations.  
:: the purl bee mini quilt series the purl bee is by no means new to me, but i'm loving their new monthly mini-quilt series! i really want to make the courthouse steps blocks...maybe as a potholder or pillow?
:: a little while ago, i joined pinterest, which i have found to be a really wonderful way to catalog a lot of these recent visual inspirations.  you can follow my boards here (and you can even get a sneak peek of some of my wedding ideas! don't worry, the wedding chatter will probably be picking up here on the blog before too long- less than nine months to go!)

also, thanks for all of your sweet comments about the blog birthday, i really love reading the different reasons why you all stop by here.  don't forget to leave a comment before monday and I'll pick a giveaway winner on monday. have a great weekend friends!

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  1. yeah thanks, lady. like i need more super interesting and informative links to look at. sheeesh.