26 June 2011



i know i've already given myself permission to not post here that often, given all that i have going on in my life these days. but honestly, i miss blogging more regularly.  aside from just being busy, one of the reasons i haven't been posting a lot lately is that i haven't been taking a lot of photos, i've had some camera problems, and my film developing spot closed in march and (aside from drugstores and target) the only places to get film processed are in the suburbs, where i don't make it too often.  

so, after months of hemming and hawing and researching, this weekend, i treated myself to a fancy new camera.  i'm hoping that this will reinvigorate my photography mojo and hopefully i'll be around here more often.  even though i'm not getting any less busy anytime soon.  here are a few scenes from our jam packed weekend that included cupcakes (and more cupcakes!), loads of errands, jam making (times two), a backyard party, a long-overdue trip to the dog park, and a little bit of planting.  

i'll be back later this week with a new banner and a summer manifesto.


  1. A JAM-packed weekend?! Haha, love it!

  2. OMG that jam looks so good. And great photos!

  3. Yay! You started potting the milk-glass! Did you try the same cupcake recipe? You are so productive it kills me... or, just makes me tired. xo.

  4. Looking forward to reading your manifesto.