29 July 2011

gleaning cherries

sour cherries

a couple of weeks ago (july 10 to be exact) i pulled my wagon and ladder over to my neighbor's house to absolve him of his sour cherries.  i know i've mentioned before (here and here) how lucky i am to have a neighbor with a plethora of fruit trees that he is completely uninterested in picking, but i'll reiterate it again.  i am damn lucky.  

i didn't get around to weighing all of them, but i think i picked around 15-20 lbs of these beauties.  i wish i had had more time, because there were plenty more too.  this was definitely the most successful cherry haul i've had over the past three years- usually they are mostly picked over by the birds by the time i get to them.   

i used up most of these by dehydrating them in our new-to-us dehydrator that jared's parents picked up at a yard sale for us last fall.  it has 12 trays and i didn't really realize quite how much that was (i think it was about 12 lbs or so) and it dehydrated to about 1 quart.  hmmm.  i'm thinking they will be delicious in some granola or cookies or something over the winter.  

with the remaining cherries, i whipped up one jar of this sour cherry syrup and have been seriously enjoying homemade sodas with it.  i also froze a couple of quart bags of pitted whole cherries.  those may or may not end up in another batch of the syrup later this fall...

{ps: for another homemade soda recipe, check out my post over at tend this week}

happy weekend, friends!


  1. Thanks for the dehydrating idea-I never thought of that, but it would be great during the long winter to throw those in some oatmeal! Our neighbors have a cherry tree also that they want nothing to do with; we got quite few picked this year, but unfortunately a lot of them rotted before I had time to do anything with them. Maybe next year.