08 August 2011

8 august

hi friends.  how have you all been during these winding down of summer days?  i have been good. good. good.  i can tell you that much.  

what have i been doing?  i have been making jam and pickles, i have been neglecting my gardens, i have been potting flats of succulents in vintage milkglass for our wedding centerpieces, i have been getting ready to fly to california to spend a few days in napa with my family and a few days in san francisco with some friends [our one and only summer trip this year], i have been slowly making my way back into the kitchen and cooking real meals [this was a recent favorite], and i have been knitting up a storm [i am finally working on something that's not top secret and i can't wait to show it off].  

speaking of weddings...i have also been feeling so incredibly well-loved by our family and friends and all of the amazing things that people are doing just for us.  i know i've chipped in my fair share for my friend's weddings over the past few years, but being the recipient of all that love and hard work, well it's a special feeling.  i can't wait to share with you all that our incredibly talented friends have done.  

so...what have you all been up to?  this may be premature, but i'm finally starting to feel myself coming up for air and i'm hoping to be around here more often. after all, i have quite a lot to share with you all!  

in the meantime, be sure to check back here later this week...i have an exciting giveaway planned! xo

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