28 March 2012

adding some life to the living room

contrast knitted pillow

i've been making pillows lately. after a plethora of houseguests last year, i started looking around our home and thinking about what i could do to make it more cozy.  there is a long list (believe you me), but pillows seemed a good place to start. they're relatively easy, quick, and super functional.

contrast knitted pillow

i made this knitted one last fall...it was my first post-wedding project. i was itching to make something and i had the yarn, buttons, and pillow form in my stash. the pattern (which i modified a bit to fit my heavier weight yarn) comes from hand knits for the home. i think this is the first pattern i've made from the book, but there are some good ones (lots of pillows and throws). i think the closure is a bit skimpy, but i was running out of yarn and it still works out pretty well. in fact, even though it's supposed to be the back, i usually keep that side out front.

wonky log cabin pillow

wonky log cabin pillow-back

this wonky log cabin pillow was another post-wedding project. i had barely sewn in months and just wanted to play around. can you believe, i had never made a log cabin before? easiest thing ever. and this beautiful hand dyed linen fabric came from sara, i absolutely love it! i wasn't quite sure how to close it in the back and was feeling too lazy for a zipper (which of course now i wish i'd done). i went for a plain envelope back, but the overlap was (again!) too skimpy, so i added this button and a scrap of japanese cotton ribbon. excellent.

these two pillows are totally different styles, but they both match my couch and living room perfectly. i love the contrast and they definitely spruce up our living room.  i have a few more up my sleeve for the bedroom, so stay tuned...

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