30 March 2012

a little inspiration


here are a few things that have been inspiring me lately...
:: shari's spring manifesto series. i know i mentioned it when i posted my own manifesto last week, but it's only gotten better. really. check it out, i can't even pretend to choose a favorite.

:: the cloisters gardener's blog. i think i've only visited the cloisters once, when i was in high school, but i'm thinking i might try to make some time to go again when i'm in new york next week.

:: the wilder quarterly blog. i first came across this beautiful magazine through jen's blog--i may have to treat myself to a subscription, but for now the blog is a beautiful substitute. this post in particular is gorgeous.

:: domestic scientist. this post about her experiments with natural dyes is so inspiring. i really need to try this out this summer.

:: keith haring is one of my all-time favorite artists. he was my first "favorite artist" when i was a kid and i still love his work. i remember thinking that one of my life-long goals was to own an original keith haring piece. when i was a kid. i remember going to someone's house whose son had ripped a keith haring chalk drawing out of a subway station (he was famous for doing work in empty advertising spots in subway stations in new york) and framed it . the corner was even torn from where he ripped it out. i was mesmerized. the keith haring foundation has scanned years of his journals and posted them online here. i'm definitely hoping to see this exhibit in new york next week.

and there you are, a couple of things to keep you busy. what's inspiring you these days? i'd love to know.

in case you haven't noticed, we are back to regular posting over at [tend] for the season. everything is so early, but i of course already feel behind on my garden. i gotta get on that. as i mentioned, i'm going to be in new york next week for some good family and friend time, so posting will be light until i get back.

take care friends. xo

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  1. such goodness in these links. thank you for mentioning the manifesto series.