23 March 2012

late winter on the mississippi, in blue

i was recently gifted a whole bag of very expired (read: 1987) kodak ektachrome 160 tungsten for my medium format camera. supposedly it had been refrigerated since it's original purchase date, but i was skeptical. i loaded a roll into my yashica mat124 and headed to the dog park with freddie. [i also shipped off a few rolls to some friends, so i'll be curious to see their results as well!] i didn't expect much, but i love the results. this is one of the reasons why i love shooting film. the results are magical and always unexpected (even when you're not shooting with film that's almost as old as you are). this of course can be part of the frustration of film as well, but i will always love it. of course, it is absolutely not at all late winter anymore and spring has most definitely sprung. i think i'll even plant some seeds this weekend. looking at these photos makes me realize that i suppose we did at least have a semblance of winter this year.

happy friday friends. love love.

you can see a few more on flickr.

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