18 May 2012

friday happymaking


some happymaking for this very summer-y friday

:: i have spent every evening this week in my garden. planting, weeding, mulching, watering, and just being until just about dark. and it's been glorious.

:: i have a new intern at work and so far she is amazing. a little bit of help can never be underestimated.

:: it is HOT today. i can't decide if this is happymaking or not, but i'd better get used to it either way. summer is here. which reminds me, i need to make up some of my favorite herbal tea, to drink iced.

:: art-a-whirl is this weekend! looking forward to chilling with our friends, hearing some good music, and seeing some beautiful art.

:: i have all the ingredients in the house to make a carrot cake, perfect for tomorrow's celebration.

:: speaking of which, tomorrow is jared's graduation! people, this is huge. i could not be more proud of him for accomplishing this goal of his and i'm looking forward to all of the homework-free times ahead.

happy weekending friends. 


  1. yay! to jared graduating & many more evenings to come out in the garden! woo!

  2. Yay for Jared's graduation, that's awesome! And I love spending evenings in the garden too, even if it's just sitting. Have a fun weekend!