14 September 2012

a few things for friday.




a few things i'd like to share with you all today...

i know the blogging has been a bit light lately and i'll admit that sometimes over the past year i've felt less than inspired or unsure of what to write here. but i do want to keep writing and keep sharing projects, recipes, thoughts, photos, inspiration, and whatever crosses from my fingertips to the keyboard onto the internet here. after almost six years of blogging in this space i've definitely started feeling like i need a bit of a change, a fresh start, a new name for this space maybe? but of course that all takes time. time that i can't seem to find anywhere right now. so until that all happens, i'll just keep plodding along and sharing and hopefully you all will keep reading and commenting, okay?

for today i've got a couple of things i've come across lately that are lighting that spark in me and i'd love to share. what's inspiring you these days? seriously. tell me. (please?)

:: jen's got a new website and i love it. you must watch the video on her about page too, i really love seeing her at work.

:: andrea's writing again and i couldn't be happier (especially this post). also, she's got an adorable new guy in her life.

:: shari took a beautiful trip to pei this summer and her photos are lovely. (starting with part one, here)

:: meg just wrote something great about creativity block. while i don't seem to have that problem currently (i usually have the opposite problem--too many projects! too little time! where to begin?! ack!), it does happen and i'd be willing to bet that most of you have had it at one point or another.

:: speaking of creativity, blair's sketchbook project is pretty rad. i'm generally not the kind of person to commit to a huge project like that (except for that whole 52 weeks project i did- still can't believe i completed that!) but i am inspired by blair's desire to stretch herself creatively. i did try to do that with the calligraphy course i took last spring, though i haven't really kept up with it.

:: 90 days, 90 reasons. i'm really enjoying reading all of the different essays on this site. i especially appreciate how honest they all are. 'nuff said.

okay. i think that's all for now. back soon.

all photos here were taken earlier this summer around my neighborhood with my lomo lc-a, which has been my darling camera this summer. i so love the old houses in my neighborhood. 


  1. that porch-inside-a-turret is KILLING me. (and i know i'm not the only one who has been grateful to read your words these past six years. :)

  2. thanks for mentioning my post! These houses are so St. Paul! I actually thought that last one was my sister's house--she has the same epic front porch.