03 January 2013

new beginnings


new year. new beginnings.

even though i don't get all that into new year's eve (i generally prefer one involving staying in with friends or family, good food and drink, and maybe some board games), i like the promise that a fresh new year holds. even though new beginnings can happen anytime of year, january first is a good excuse to reflect on days past and plan for those days to come.

2012 was a great year...jared graduated, we went on a beautiful honeymoon, we celebrated many weddings of many friends, and enjoyed many more small and special moments with loved ones, i started a new venture towards the end of the year, and most of all we just lived.

i know that 2013 holds great promise. good things are coming and i know we have many more full and happy days ahead of us.

wishing all of you lovely days ahead this year.


  1. wishing you so much joy in 2013! love to you & jared!

  2. happy new year to you, dear julia! i hope that 2013 is full of joy and magic. xo