10 October 2013

and again with the baby in handknits

the first sweater

the first sweater

the first sweater

and here we are...over two weeks later. what was i saying about becoming a normal person and doing normal things again? right. i still do feel like we're getting into a nice rhythm here and we go out almost every day. but then, it just takes three days to fold the laundry (just in time to do it again) and photos are taken, but never posted. and blog posts, well. they get composed in my head while nursing or on walks or in the morning when we're staying in bed late. and then two weeks later, they actually get written and shared. [case in point...this post was actually written on monday, when ethan was actually wearing this sweater, but of course i failed to photograph it first thing in the morning and by the time i got around to it, he had spit up all over himself. then it took a couple of days while i washed the sweater and waited for it to dry, then got around to photographing and posting. rookie mistake.]

i'm finally getting around to writing ethan's birth story. i've told it a number of times over the past two months and relived it in my head many times. i'm still deciding whether i'll share it publicly or not. i do love reading the birth stories of others. mine is just very, well, long. we'll see.

we are going on our first big trip with ethan next week. flying to arizona for my grandfather's 90th birthday celebrations. i'm really excited for ethan to meet his great grandfather (ethan is the first great grandchild and my grandpa could not be more excited about this) and many other relatives. i'm probably being naive, but i'm not too worried about the traveling part. everyone has told me to nurse during take-off and landing. check.

and as soon as we get back... i am going back to work. i admit that i'm not ready at all. i'm not worried about ethan one bit. he'll be in wonderful hands in a small nanny share with a great woman and two adorable little girls who i have a feeling will quickly become like part-time sisters. no, he'll be just fine. it's me i'm worried about. to say the least, it will be an adjustment.

and last, but not remotely least...the next sweater. this was actually the first one i made for ethan way back in march. i wanted it to be something special so i chose this cascade venizia sport yarn, which is a wool-silk blend, in a beautiful rust color. it's lovely, but not, um, the most baby friendly. oh well. i still love it and so far have kept up with the handwashing just fine [see above]. mostly because i want him to wear it as much as possible before he outgrows it. so i won't let it sit around waiting to be washed.

the pattern, beyond puerperium, is pretty awesome. besides being an adorable design, the pattern is actually written to accommodate many different yarn weights as well as design choices like short or long sleeves and tapered or flared sleeves. i will definitely be making this one again (in fact, my mom is making one for another baby now too!). i made the 0-3 month size and as you can see, at just over two months, he still has some room to grow into this one. on ravelry here.

 right now, ethan is sleeping on my chest. all cozy in the moby wrap (which we love). i think i'll lay back and just enjoy this moment...

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  1. ethan is adorable in that sweater! i'm glad you are finding a small groove...it gets easier. really. have a safe and fun getaway.